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Jayadev John Richardson

Mindfulness through Music

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Designed for Children of All Ages

Fun Drumming has been specifically designed to help introduce children to the concept of mindfulness through the power of rhythm and music.

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An early introduction to musical theory

Fun Drumming helps give children a head start in learning to read music and play instruments.

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Welcome to Fundrumming.com

Home of Jayadev John Richardson’s new Book

Fun Drumming

Mindfulness Through Music

About the BookAbout the Author

Suitable for Most Ages

Fun  Drumming has been designed to be easily accessible to a wide array of children rom various ages and ability.

Easy to Follow Guides

Our new book using a selection of guides and tutorials to help children of any ability to grasp hand drumming with ease.

Introduction to Music Theory

Musical theory is a difficult obstacle to learning to play instruments, an early and simple introduction makes learning theory less intimidating.

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